Thursday, 2 July 2009

Beetroot Linguine with Courgette and Mushrooms

Recipe Ingredients: (enough for 4)
  • 400grs linguine pasta
  • 3 small cooked beetroot (finely chopped)
  • 1 courgette (finely chopped)
  • 2 garlic cloves (finely chopped)
  • 1 onion (finely chopped)
  • 12 mushrooms (cut in halves)
  • 2 soup spoons of fresh cream
  • 1 glass of semi skinned milk
  • 1 teaspoon of corn starch diluted in a little water
  • 2 soup spoons of grated cheddar cheese
  • some, salt black pepper and olive oil.

Place some water in a pan with a little salt and a drizzle of olive oil, once boiling insert the linguine there, letting this one cook for 12-14 minutes, once done (should be al dente), drain it and while draining pass through it some more fresh boiling water, to remove excess starch. Continue to drain it.

Meanwhile put a little olive olive oil in a wok (about 3 soup spoons full). once hot add the onion and garlic, once these start going blond, add the remaining vegetables (the beetroot, courgette, and mushrooms) let these cook well for around 7-10 minutes, adding a little water every time it feels a little dry and stirring occasionally.

After they are cooked, add the fresh cream at this stage and the milk, bring it to the boil, and as soon as it starts to boil add the corn starch diluted in the water, the cheese, and stir regularly allowing it to thicken, once thickened place the linguine inside and stir come more as to mix well the sauce with the pasta, serve it now while very hot, it is delicious.

The beetroot is lovely in this dish as it does not just add colour it adds flavour and texture, and creates a varied different levels of textures and flavours, the beetroot should remain slightly crunchy the mushrooms meaty and juicy and the courgettes soft and creamy. Also bothe the beetroot and the mushrooms give this dish an excellent earthy flavour which is mellowe by the silky cream of the fresh cream, milk and cheese. Bon Apetit!!

** this is a valentines day inspired dish, for the colours and textures within**


ARUNA said...

what more can be healthier than this once.....a combination of beetroots and mushrooms....mmmmm yummooo!

Sophie said...

What a lovely meal, a feast for the eyes & stomach,...indeed, very valentine,...hahahahaha!

I love your yummie & versatile vegetarian meals!

Austeriana said...

Ok: estou quase a trincar o computador! Isto põe qualquer dieta de lado!

Christelle said...

Ahhh, red pasta, good idea to use beetroot as a colourant! :)
Are the pasta oin the photo not tagliatellis?

Anonymous said...

Delicious dish and I love the pink color of the linguini!

Donna-FFW said...

What a delicious sounding dinner. Love the colors. Like your new photo of yourself also ;)

Ricardo said...

A great many thanks to all my friends here :

Thank you Aruna, for such nice words on this healthy meal, the taste was amazing. kisses :) xxx

I am a meat eater Sophie, but I love vegetarian foods and for me they have to have a punch an extra sensory impact on your taste buds, I feel this one does, tanks for the lovely comment :) kisses xxx

A serio Austeriana, isto pode fazer parte de uma dieta pois porque ate em dietas se deve comer pasta, e se observares tem muito pouca gordura natas e azeite. adorei teu comento jinhos doces :) xxx tenho este blog em Português aqui

Cristelle, the beetroot is not used just as a colourant, I used it for it's texture and flavour too, as described on the recipe... No, they are not tagliatelle the are linguini as you can see from the pics linked to the words ..Tagliatelle is usually egg pasta flat like the linguine but usually wider, while the linguini is like flat spaghetti made of 100% durum Wheat narrower see picture. of course there are variations in the making of both pastas as well as the widths. thank you so much for your comment, kisses :) xxx

Thank you so much 5 Star Foodie, for your lovely comment, kisses xxx

Thanks Donna FFW, I am so big headed now that you said you like my new photo and also this dish, thank you so much ...shame you didn't notice me singing lol :) kisses xxx

Anonymous said...

Beautiful flavours going on here!!!

Bergamot said...

As always a fantastic dish. Loved your post and as I read it, I realised that this one is really delicious. Liked the flavour, the combination of vegetables, the color...actually everything about this dish :-)

Ricardo said...

Thank you so much Ruth, kisses xxx :)

Ricardo said...

Thanks so much Bergamot, I am so flattered by your sweet words. I can just say thank you so much ...appreciated :) kisses :) xxx

zerrin said...

I've never thought of making a dish from beetroot. It is just an ingredient for pickles for me. So intersting, a must try for me.

Elra said...

Very interesting pasta. Love the color, though I love beetroot, I never try to cook it this way. Would love to try it one day.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rico, I've given you a well earned award! Check my blog :)

OysterCulture said...

What a delicious and intriguing looking dish - I had to check out your blog after your mention on

Nice to meet you virtually =)

James said...

Vegetarian heaven!

Ricardo said...

Many thanks to all visitors and friends, love you all:

Zerrin, haha I never ate beetroot pickle must try, but I know what you mean lol.. thanks for comment and visit :)

Elra, well you should really try as is delicious, I didn't think it was going to be when I done it, was a risk as the taste was only in my head, but it turned out beautiful. thanks for comment :) xx

Rute, I will check your blog as always, and thanks a great lot for the award, leave you a note there cheers :) xxx

Thanks Oyster Culture, hope you get the time to make it and try it I am sure you will love it. cheers for comment and visit :) xxx

hehe James, wouldn't quite call it heaven, but is definitely delicious and I appreciated your lovely comment. cheers :) xxx

Nina's Recipes said...

Hello Rico, long time since I've been here; lovely dishes indeed my friend,

Bergamot said...

Thanks for introducing me to this recipe. I made this last weekend with my own adaption of it but the essence of the recipe remains the same. Do check it out. I hope you like it :-)

Ricardo said...

Thank you very much for trying my dish and making it your own, I did go and had a look is amazing you are more than approved, well done :) xxx kisses.
I did tell you that beets this way were delicious, I am glad you decided to give it a go.

Ricardo said...

Thank you so much Nina, adored your comment. cheers ! :) kisses :) xx

Coffee and Vanilla said...

That sounds really good. I love beetroots, eat them even in brownies ;)

Ricardo said...

Definitely was a good one, thanks for the comment and visit. luv ya xxx

Anonymous said...

I should notify my girlfriend about it.

Ricardo said...

Thanks anonymous I hope she will like it. cheers for visit and comment. Rico :)


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