Thursday, 13 August 2009

Holidays, and apologies!!!

Me and my pearly whites (hair too) :)
and you can see I just been on hols as I am unshaven.
Quarteira Beach

I have been on holidays, all went well and I had a whale of a time, as I ate fresh fish nearly everyday ... which was planed so as here in the UK is difficult to get fish of that same quality and as fresh, unless you live by the seaside. But mainly I went to to Portugal to have an implant done, and to whiten my teeth, which I done both....was totally painless and at a fraction of the price here in the UK (I will put details bellow) The total cost of an implant including bitumen and crown (zicornea porcelain) is around 1200 Euros, while the starting price for a lower quality implant in the UK is £2000. The clinic is in Faro, a few minutes in a car from the airport, Dentist Nuno Jorge, Dental Clinic Ria Faro (picture Bellow) well worth the trip a holiday and super cheap cosmetic dental treatments as well as normal ones too.

Now MY APOLOGIES, for not having communicated that I went on holidays and not posting here, leaving you to guess. I am so sorry but the trip was sudden. Hope I am forgiven.
Will soon post pics of the holidays. Thanks for following me and supporting me...appreciated.


Chef E said...

How could you make yourself any more handsome than you already are? Jealous that you enjoyed yourself so much, maybe I need another vacation! I have eaten some yummy fish, and know what you mean that the quality is much better near the ocean...glad your back, now get posting some yummy foods on here, we know you eat! :)

Chow and Chatter said...

so you have a beautiful smile now!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Rico! Welcome back! Missed you! Looking forward to hearing more about your vacation!

Donna-FFW said...

Missed you! Glad you had a great time.

Sophie said...

Welcome back, Ricardo!! Now, we want to see your white smile,...hahahahahahaha,...

Ana Powell said...

Hi Ricardo
Good for you, I am glad you enjoyed your time in Portugal. I have been away as well and not far from where you were. Gosh, its quite painful to think that I am back to a grey and wet England :(
Take care xxx

Ricardo said...

Many thanks to my dear friends and followers:

Chef E, Yeah I do eat lol hahaha!! So the posting will restart. I am a bit vain, but in a good way, and therefore yes I do want to look better. hehe Thanks for being a friend :) kisses xxx

Chow & Chatter, well my smile was never bad, now is just whiter hehe. Thanks for comment and visit, kisses xxx

5 Star, thanks for the warm welcome, and yes I will post some photos, unfortunately don't have any of me ...but I think you'll like 'em none the less. Thanks for your lovely friendship kisses xxx

Donna FFW, missed you too, yes was quite good, even though my mum was following me from room to room as she had not seen me for over two years. :) kisses xxx

Sophie, my smile is whiter no doubt however I am still to undergo a second whitening a second session, as the first was just a mild one. Thanks for the warm welcoming kisses xxx

Ana P, yeah felt a bit disappointing returning to grey UK, however I already expected it so was prepared, shame we could have not met. But, yes did enjoy Portugal and all the tons of fresh fish that I ate there...I had a prawn Feijoada which I went back several times to eat it, I will try to recreate it here, as was very delicious (was 16 euros for 2, but I grantee you was really well enough for four people)Thanks for your friendship and welcoming. kisses xxx

Nicisme said...

Welcome back, glad you had a nice holiday!

Ricardo said...

Thank you so much for welcoming me back Ncisme..appreciated :) xxx

betty said...

Beautiful , yummy site-love the pictures! Thank you! Betty

Tangled Noodle said...

Normally, having major oral surgery is not an occasion for fun but going to Portugal for it is! Hope all is well - now let's see those pearly whites!! 8-D

Ricardo said...

Thank you Tangled, you absolutely right, and as a thank you I am adding a recent picture, where not only my pearlies are white I allowed my hair to do the same...hehe!!

Tangled Noodle said...

Looking very handsome - the holidays suited you! 8-D

momgateway said...

Looks like you had a good time and nice tan.

Ricardo said...

Cheers momgateway, appreciated xxx


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