Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Super Light Chocolate Mousse

  • 1 egg (separated 1white, 1 yolk)
  • 300mls whipping cream
  • 75grs 60% cocoa dark chocolate
  • 1 soup spoon of butter
  • 1 handful of sliced almonds (dry roasted in a pan)
  • 1 tea spoon of vanilla essence
  • 2 (flat) soup spoons of icing sugar
  • 1 soup spoon of cream

In two separate bowls whisk the egg white on one and the cream on the other, half way through to peaking add a (flat) soup spoon of icing sugar to each whip and continue to whip them till very firm.

Place a small pan with a little water and over that place a small glass bowl put the chocolate there into squares and keep stirring until this one melts completely, now add the spoon of butter, and once this one melts add the vanilla essence and the egg yolk mixed with one soup spoon of cream. Keep stirring for about 30 secs to 1 minute this will go into a rich smooth silky and glossy chocolate sauce, remove the bowl from the water and let it cool or pour it into a cold bowl to cool faster.

Add the egg white to the whipped cream and in a folding action mix the two, then add the chocolate, and again with a folding action mix it in. Then pour into ramekins top it with grated chocolate and roasted flaked almonds refrigerate for an hour or more and eat....enjoy the lightest and most rich & delicious chocolate mousse ever. Bon apetit!!!


Donna-FFW said...

I would love some of your gorgeously decadent dessert. Sounds delicious. I love the touch of sliced almonds on top.

Christelle said...

wouhou!!! fabulous, I loooove it!!

Ricardo said...

Thank you so much Donna, only the best for you ...cheers kisses xxx

Thank you very much Christelle, loved your comment, kisses xxx

Anonymous said...

Sounds heavenly, love the almonds on top here!

Sophie said...

MMMMMMMM,....Your chocolate mousse looks indeed marvellous!! Yummie all the way,...

Trish said...

This truly looks divine! I always like to serve a small and decadent taste of a dessert after a fine dinner.

Ricardo said...

In reality this was an excellent mousse, I only surpassed it yesterday when I used one extra egg white.
So 5 Star I am super happy whit you having loved this one, and appreciated our comments, kisses xxxx

Sophie, you know I value your input greatly, I had a teacher,s exam today I was micro-teaching ...I tough to make mousse, it was a great success.. thanks for comment and visit kisses xxx

Although decadent this one is not too bad as I use elmlee which has I believe 1/3 less fat and also use whipped egg white which allows for usage of less cream, so the taste is still full but less calories and fat..thanks for you comment loved it..kisses xxx

George Gaston said...

Rico... Great song! Your mousse sounds incredible and delicious. I look forward to reading through more of your creative post.

Ricardo said...

Thank you George, for your generous comment about my singing as well as on the mousse...I just wish my singing was as good as my mousse lol...but for an amateur I suppose is acceptable. thank you so much appreciated...take care :)

Nicisme said...

Looks lovely, but extra wonderful with the almonds on top!

pegasuslegend said...

Just want you to know this is my favorite song to date.... amazing you have this on your site.....not bad for what you call an amateur,..

Ana Powell said...

Sweet and decadent.
Perfect, what else could one ask for?
Great pudding x

Ricardo said...

Nicisme, yup really was nice and the almonds home made, I mean pan roasted for greater flavour and crispiness, thanks for comment and visit kisses xxx

pegasuslegend, Thank you ever so much for noticing, I think I have made a better one as I am improving all the time, but I still need to place it on youtube...but like I said I am an amateur (so I don't fool myself) luv ya kisses

Ana P, you right sweet and decadent, but note with only half the calories as used less cream and substituted with egg white also used elmlea which has 1/3 less fat than cream yay now you can be decadent without guilt hehe luv ya kisses xxx

Chow and Chatter said...

oh wow heaven in a glass !

pierre said...

Hi Ricardo
all these mousses are a rela festival congratulations for your artistic talent !cheers from Pierre in France

Chef E said...

I love chocolate, so this would be a welcome treat everyday!

cookeaze said...

Nice looking dessert. quite different from other.. Sounds delicious.

The Duo Dishes said...

Oooh, you need to share that one. Looks good!

Ricardo said...

Chow & Chatter, definitely heaven in a glass, cloud like lol...thanks for comment and visit kisses xxx

Pierre, Thank you so much Pierre, it is very much appreciated your comment and visit, cheers :) :)

Chef E, shouldn't have it everyday, as even though is light moderation is the key as if you had it everyday it would deposit somewhere hahaha!!! ...loved your comment though cheers!! Kisses xxx

Cookeaze, nice to meet you and thank you a bunch for the comment and visit...kisses xxx

The Duo Dishes, I did share it here, ah!! you mean share it for real? well I can if you visit lol.. cheers xxx


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