Saturday, 20 June 2009

Orange Cake "Large" for Slicing

Recipe Ingredients: (was enough to cut 70 rectangular slices)
  • 300grs of butter (or baking margarine)
  • 300grs of sugar
  • 4 oranges (2 cut in slices and 2 "whole" blitzed into creamy pulp)
  • 6 eggs
  • 300grs of flour
  • 2 soup spoon of baking powder
  • 2 teas spoons of orange essence
  • a little of dememera sugar

Couldn't be easier... Beat the sugar with the butter, until you obtain a light and whitish cream, once that is done put the eggs (pre-mixed) in, a little at the time keeping the beating of the cream, this way attaining even a more creamy and full of air dough.

Once that is done, add the two oranges in pulp + the orange essence, (mix the pulp in well with a wooden spoon in a folding gentle action to try not to release any of the air contained in the dough), lastly add the flour, a little at the time as well, again folding action and gentle, until all is incorporated in the dough.

Then place the dough in a large tray previously greased and floured, I also used a Teflon baking sheet to avoid the cake sticking to the pan (worked a treat). On top of the dough lay the orange slices and cover the top of each slice with some dememera sugar, to allow them to crystallize and not burn as that would leave a bitter taste, (also if you think the taste of the orange skin may be too strong for you, you can always peals the slicing oranges prior to slicing).

The whole thing goes in a preheated oven at 180ºC for around 20-25 minutes, once done remove the cake from the oven, and let it cool a little before attempting to remove it from the container, this is where the Teflon came in handy as I just picked the four corners of it to remove the cake from the container to a cooling rack.

Optionally at the end, you can also squeeze a further two oranges and boil the juice with some sugar to make a liquid syrup to pour over the cake and get it even more moist, as this is a moist cake already, and very spongy and light. Then let it cool completely and slice it into rectangles.


Bergamot said...

Nice presentation. I love cakes with orange flavour. Just wondering how the orange peels tasted :-)

Chef E said...

I like your title, self explanatory! Serve me up a big ole piece please!!!
Remember I love citrus cakes :)

ARUNA said...

Rico, this is wonderful mouth is watering. I love oranges and cake with orange.........slurp slurp!!!!

Happy cook said...

Wow you will be able to feed a lot of people with that huge cake.

Anonymous said...

I love this kind of baking! My Portuguese step mum taught me to always mix the butter with the sugar and egg yolks before adding the whites as it made the batter so much fluffier. Excellent recipe!

Ricardo said...

Many thanks to my dear friends:

Bergamot, thanks for comment and visit, the peals tasted like candied orange peals, the ones you get with mixed fruit to make fruit cake.cheers!! kisses xx

Chef E, I know my friend you love citrus cakes especially orange, and you know you welcome to a piece, hehe!! cheers for visit and comment kisses :) xxx

Aruna, thanks sorry about the watering mouth, hehe! but even I suffered from that after baking it and ate quite a lot of it, at the party I made it for. was lovely, cheers kisses thx for visit and comment xxx

Happy Cook, I did feed a lot of people was for a christening of my niece who is 2 years old, there was 60 guests, they all got a piece and more. cheers 4 comment and visit kisses :) xxx

Ruth, you may know or not, but I am Portuguese myself, and the fluffiness trick I learnt it long ago I believe my mum also played a part in that. cheers for comment and visit. kisses :) xxx

Anonymous said...

Of course I know you're Portuguese, Ive been following your blog daily lol Absolutely loving your recipes and glad to see mine are getting the approval from a Portuguese person! thats extremely flattering and reassuring! thanks for stopping by and all the encouraging comments!

Ps-Also following the Portuguese blog and the recipes are to die for!

Sophie said...

Indeed, what a lovely presentaion! I love orages in my cooking & baking!
I bet the cake tasted fabulous!

Ginger said...

To Mr. Ricardo Candeias from
Nottingham, United Kingdom!

I realize I am always asking you to send me some food, so this Orange Cake is no different. Would you please send a piece my way? That is a very unique cake and I would really like to try a piece. Thank you for your courtesy in helping me with this!

OK, just kidding. I will make it for myself. Besides I don't know how well it would travel from there to here. Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I would have a big slice of this delicious cake, please! Looks awesome!

Ricardo said...

My sincerest thanks to my dear friends:

Well Ruth, you getting the recognition because you cook really well, and your execution of Portuguese dishes is excellent. well done. really!!! Thanks for following me, comments and visits. kisses :) xx

Thank you so Sophie, you know that your opinion is really valued here a lot, kisses :) xx

Ginger, well this one would not travel too well, as it is very light and fluffy and I am aware how the postal services treats parcels.. hehe,,, you'd get an orange pancake, if they didn't open the parcel and eat it, well good idea you make it there, but if you ever in Nottingham I will quite happily cook you something :) kisses :) xx

5 Star, you know I would give you what you ask unfortunately is all gone, the 60odd guests made sure of it... hehe. kisses and thanks :) xx

Tangled Noodle said...

The whole orange slices are so lovely on the cake! Is orange essence the same as orange extract? I would definitely take the extra step of making the syrup - I love supermoist, syrupy cakes!

I read your responses to others - this was for your niece's christening? Congratulations and best wishes to her and the family!

Ana Powell said...

Beautiful presentation alongside a taste and wonderful orange cake x

Canela said...

Olá Rico
O teu bolo ficou girissimo!Para mim que aprecio laranja,está perfeito!

Ricardo said...

Many warm thanks to my dear friends:

Thank you so much Tangled, appreciated ...Not quite the same in definition extract is pure and is reflected in the price while essence can be simulated and cheaper, also extract has more full flavour while essence is not as concentrated. So the word to look for in the little bottle is PURE, if it is pure is best as will be unadulterated . hope it helps and I haven't confused you further. Thankx for comment kisses :) xx

Ana P, thank you so much kisses :) xx

Canela, brigado mil sabes que podes aceder o blogue em Português aqui pois é praticamente o mesmo conteúdo em Português. jinhos doces xxx

Nicisme said...

That is one fab looking cake, I love orange!

Robin said...

HI Ricardo,
It has been so long since I have visited your blog, I am really glad I did. The orange cake looks wonderful. Is that "you" singing? awesome if it is! I have been so busy, I put up 26 jars of zuchinni and yellow squash pickles from my garden. I made a great squash lasagne. I will try and put that recipe up soon.I have been cooking Swiss chard that I grow in pots. Chard is very nutritious and high in antioxidents. The cucumbers are blooming and tomatoes are coming in. I Miss conversing with you about food and recipes. I will be away all next week and the lake house, fishing and I hope taking the pontoon boat out. Take care, I am here still even if it has been a while.

Ricardo said...

Hi Ya Robin, nice to see ya again, lovely. Thanks for the comment on the cake and yes unfortunately the singing was mine. hehe!!
It sounds to me you've been very busy, and managed to make loads of jarred stuff, and planting. I also planted something but on a smaller scale, some chilli and herbs as well as some bell peppers and squashes, they all coming along fine so far. Look forward to see some more of your cooking, cheers ! :) kisses xx

Ricardo said...

Thank you Nicisme, for the lovely comment, and visit :) kisses xxx

Christelle said...

Wow, that's seriously large :O!!!

Ricardo said...

Thank you soooo much Christelle. appreciated :) xxx


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