Monday, 29 December 2008

Cod Spinach "En Croute" with (Yasai Katsu style) Curry Sauce & Rice

Receita em Portugues clique AQUI

This was my main meal for my birthday, all freshly made by "mois", cod with spinach and Charlotte "en croute" with an Asian twist and also a celery rice and chunky curry sauce.
I have to put two recipes here as the rice and fish are two separate things combined hare in this dish, however the rice can be eaten on it's own as a recipe or with items such a grilled chicken breast marinated in garam masala, or grilled fish and many other things....same applies to the fish as it can be accompanied by potato parsnip mash incorporated with a couple of tea spoons of mustard with mustard sees, and so on.

Fish recipe ingredients: (feeds 10)
  • 10 fresh cod fillets (portions)
  • 2 garlic cloves (minced)
  • 8 Charlotte's (finely chopped)
  • 2 hands full of spinach leaves about 100grs (roughly chopped)
  • 2 hands full of bread crumbs about 50grs
  • 2 soup spoons of chopped almonds
  • one hand full of almonds with skin (finely chopped)
  • 2 soup spoons of olive oil
  • 2 large (mild) finely chopped chillies (previously de-seeded and de-veined)
  • 1 tea spoon of cumin
  • 1 tea spoon of turmeric
  • 2 soup spoons of port wine
  • 1/2 lemon juice
Lay the fish in non stick oven trays, then sprinkle them with a little pepper, salt, paprika and lemon juice, and leave them to marinade. While that is happening place a wok or frying pan on the stove and put the oil inside once very hot add the onions and the garlic, cook these until golden brown stirring occasionally. Once that is achieved add the cumin, turmeric, almonds and chopped chillies cook for a further 3 minutes, lastly add the spinach, and cook this until the spinach is reduced (should be about 2 minutes more.

I a bowl place your bread crumbs and add then the mixture to the crumbs to for a paste, if too dry you can always add a little melted butter. Lay this paste over each of the fish to completely cover the top, and they are ready to go in the oven (gas 200c) place a foil leaf over the fish over the first 10 minutes and take it off over the last 5 minutes, all together 15 minutes should suffice to cook well the fish.

The accompanying rice and curry sauce (as promised) has been inspired by one of Wagamamas dishes Yasai Katsu Curry, menu item number 72.

Recipe Ingredients: (for 6 people)

  • 2 garlic cloves (minced)
  • 1/2 courgette (finely diced)
  • 1 chilli (finely sliced, de-seeded and de-veined)
  • 8 Charlotte onions (finely diced)
  • 1 soup spoon of mild (or medium) curry powder
  • 1 tea spoons of cumin
  • 4 sticks of celery heart (finely diced)
  • 4 soup spoons of olive oil
  • 1 soup spoon of turmeric
  • 1 glass of water
  • 2 spoons of plain flour
  • pick some of the celery leaves and a garlic clove (to be cooked with the rice)
  • 500grs rice (basmati)
Place a pot with water on the stove and some salt, once boiling add the celery leaves and 1 garlic clove sliced + 500grs rice. Cook this until done (about 10-12 minutes). Rinse in boiling water and drain...but while rice is cooking do the sauce.

For the sauce place a wok or large deep frying pan on the stove with the olive oil in, once very hot add the Charlotte, garlic, chilli, cumin, curry and celery cook these for about 7-10 minutes. Then add the courgette and the turmeric and cook for a further 5 minutes. Separately mix about 2 full soup spoons of plain flour and a full glass of water, pour this into the frying veg and will make a thick curry sauce.. if too thick add more water if too thin mix a little more flour and water and add it slowly to thicken sauce further.

Serve rice (oval shape) and pour about 1 & 1/2 serving spoons over the rice to cover it all (see picture) as a serving idea.

This is me cutting my Birthday Cake


Alexandra Moura said...

Os meus parabens atrasados,bjs

Rico said...

Muito obrigado Alexandra...appreciated..Happy New Year. xx

Chef E said...

Oh, Happy Birthday...sorry I am late, but I was wondering about that cake on foodbuzz you were cutting...was beautiful! Did you make it...and fondont?

Rico said...

Unfortunately that one I did not as I made all the rest of the diner I was to tired... So that was purchased at Morrisons if I am not mistaken...But I made one like it before. Fondont on the outside and chocolate on the inside.

nicisme said...

Happy belated birthday Rico!
So close to Xmas, I know how it can be as my son has his on the 29th Dec.
Nice photo of you and that cute cake.

Rico said...

Thank you so much Nicisme, your comment is very much appreciated. And thank you for the birthday wishes, a very happy belated birthday to your son.


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