Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Stuffed Ball Courgette with Pink Salmon covered in a Ginger and Mushroom Topping

I saw these courgettes for the first time in 24 years of living in the UK, and I was completely inspired by them so much so I had to buy them, I asked the owner of this little veg shop how often does she get them in, she replied is only the second time I have had them since I opened this shop. So I had to think of something really special for them....hope you like it.

Recipe Ingredients: (enough for 4)
  • 4 Skinless Pink Salmon Fillets
  • 4 medium or large Ball Courgettes (cut the top scoop the inside, and reserve this inside for cooking finely chopped).
  • 1/2 tin of fine Italian plum tomatoes (you can also use fresh tomatoes, 2)
  • 1 medium onion (finely chopped)
  • 1 handful of chopped almonds
  • 2 garlic cloves (minced)
  • 1 soup spoon of butter
  • 1 piece of ginger the size of a garlic clove (minced)
  • 1/2 cup of pearl barley flakes
  • 2 soup spoons of mozzarella cheese (grated)
  • 10 medium button mushrooms (cut into quarters) please don't use canned ones
  • salt and black pepper (to taste)
  • a little olive oil.


Is quite simple to make too. After you cut the lids of the ball courgettes, and remove their insides, place them in a pan covered in water and a little salt, cook these for around 20 minutes, careful not to overcook them as they get too soft to handle for the stuffing.

Meanwhile make the stuffing sauce, bear in mind you should have a little excess to go outside the stuffed ball to accompaign the lid as this one is edible too. Place a frying pan on the stove with a little olive oil, once hot add half of the chopped courgette (pulp) , one of the garlic cloves, the onion and a little seasoning (salt and black pepper), fry these stirring regularly. Once the onion reaches its semi-transparent stage add the 1/2 tin of tomatoes, and brig it to the boil again, then add the butter and as soon as this one melts the pearl barley flakes, mix occasionally until these are cooked through, if it gets too dry add a little water (just a little to keep it moist, as you want quite a thick consistency). Once cooked turn the fire off and add the mozzarella, giving it a stir so that it melts in.

Once cooked drain the courgettes from the water, stuff them with the barley filling all the way to the top, and then place these in a preheated oven to 200c for 15-20 minutes until golden brown on the top (see picture), the lids do not go in the oven you save these on the side.

Meanwhile, place a frying pan on the stove with a little olive oil and some seasoning (salt & pepper) and as soon as is hot add the salmon fillets they will cook through (depending on thickness) in about 3 minutes on each side, once they are 1 minute from being totally cooked add the remaining garlic, once fried remove them from the pan and set them aside, add to the pan the ginger, cook for around 1 minute then add the remaining courgette, the almonds and the mushrooms and if need be a couple of spoons of water, these will cook quick between 3-5 minutes, meanwhile the courgettes are done. Start serving and even with the oven just switched off put the fish in just to heat it a little, serving it last, so that all is hot (or do it your own way lol). Then plate as per picture or make your own arrangement as the eyes also eat. It was SUPER.

..when I invented this, I had not though of it being so nice...


Tangled Noodle said...

This sounds delicious but I don't see the photo of it. I don't think I've ever seen a ball courgette (zucchini, right?) before.

Anonymous said...

Awww, no picture showing up. Should there be? It sounds good though!

Sophie said...

This dinner looks so lovely & delicious!! I love round courgettes!! To think of salmon is a lovely idea!!
Yummie, my foodie friend!

Ricardo said...

My apologies, for the picture not showing at first, there was some problems uploading them..well they are here now lol:
My great thanks to:

Tangled, for such nice comment even though had no picture to go by, and visit of course :) xx

Duo, also for such nice comment even though had no picture to go by, and visit of course :) xx

And finally but not least, Sophie for the lovely comment too, and presence here. :) xx

Thank you all for your friendship.

Christelle said...

I love mediterranean 'petits farcis' :), great twist :)

Anonymous said...

The round courgettes are adorable! Love the salmon too!

Ricardo said...

hehe Chistelle I wasn't aware of the 'petits farcis' so I googled it seems to be French for stuffed various vegetables from tomatoes to peppers also including round courgettes, I assume various fillings, and I thought I invented it all. hehe at least is an unusual filling. hehe cheers for comment and visit. :) xxx

Ricardo said...

Hello 5 Star, thanks for the visit and comment. trully appreciated, can't go to wrong salmon+courgette hehe :) xxx

Desmone007 said...

Looks yummy and healthy too! Thanks for sharing. You need to write a cookbook if you haven't already!

Ricardo said...

I am thinking of making one, thank you so much Desmone, nice to see you again always a pleasure. thx for comment and visit. :) xx

Kim, Ordinary Recipes Made Gourmet said...

Pass me the fork dude! haa haaa! I mean "buddy"!!!! hee heee!!!! ;D

Ricardo said...

Was missing that Dude thing even though "i no like it", but you corrected soon enough hehe..thanks for visit and comment. xxx :)

Bhing said...

Wow! That looks so delicious.. Can I have some? lol

Ricardo said...

Thank you ever so much appreciated, also that you took the time to stamp here a comment. cheers :) xx

Chef E said...

Yes, I agree a cookbook is in order!

I love the foods you make, and this is so cool. I need to go out and look for round courgettes, as they intrigue me...

Ricardo said...

Chef E, I really have to think about cookbook, round courgettes are not usual (common) but I am sure if you look around local greengrocers you will find them, they intrigue me too, and they are delicious. thank you :) xx


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