Monday, 19 January 2009

Sirloin Steak w/ Diane Sauce & easy Potato Gratin

Recipe Ingredients:
  • 1 good sirloin steak (28 days mature best)
  • 6 mushrooms (sliced)
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 1 measure of cognac (I used Courvoisier Cognac) Brandy will do too
  • 2 potatoes
  • 60grs grated cheese
  • 50mls fresh cream + 100mls fresh cream
  • 50mls fresh milk "whole"
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • and a glug of olive oil
Just put some salt and pepper on both sides of the steak and rub a little olive oil on each side too, let it absorb the flavour for 20-30minutes, then get a griddle pan on the fire and a frying pan too.
On the griddle once extremely hot, place the steak on the one side for about 2 minutes then on the other for another 2 minutes, then turn around again to another diagonal position 2 minutes and again turn to the other side 2 more minutes (all in all 8-10 minutes should suffice for a medium rare steak). While that is doing place a glug of olive oil in the frying pan and the garlic (minced) as soon as start to sizzle add the mushrooms tossing them regularly, once fully covered in oil pour the cognac (brandy) and tip forward the pan (thus flambéing the mushrooms) and the flame will go out by it self, continue to toss the mushrooms until cooked add then the 100mls cream and in a glass mix a tea spoon of plain flour and water, then add a little at he time to the cream until it gets to the consistency you want. And that's the sauce done, which should finish around the same time as the steak.

The potatoes, these you prepare as the steak marinades as they will take about 20 minutes to grattin. Prior to that peal them and slice them, parboil them till virtually cooked, than you place one layer of potato, mill a little pepper over them and a little salt, pour a little milk and cream over them and half of the grated cheese, another layer repeat the same...and to the oven it goes 200c 20 minutes more or less know when they are ready as to the golden colour on top see picture.

A classic recipe made easy!!! Hope you like it.

This recipe was just for me just to feed one.. multiply to feed more. :)


Daniella Carrara said...

Muito obrigada pela visita ao meu blog e que bom que gostou! Assim como voce, eu tenho muito prazer em cozinhar. Gostei muito de suas receitas, muito mesmo. Adicionei voce a minha lista de blogs. ;)

Aysegul ~ NYSDELIGHT said...

Thank you for stopping by and thank you also for accepting the friendship! Cool blog!!!Nice concept!

Ricardo said...

Well appreciated, your comment....And it is an honour to accept your friendship. Thanks again for your generous comments, and I hope to continue, with future postings, to inspire everyone (that means you too) that visits this blog.

Ricardo said...

Daniella, a minha visita ao seu blog foi um prazer e visitei hoje de novo, pois tem la muitas receitas e boas ideias, quais eu adorei..brigada por me adicionar á sua lista de blogues farei o mesmo aqui..brigada pelos seus comentos e visita também. xx

Anonymous said...

The steak looks perfect with those creamy mushrooms and potato gratin. Great dish!

Ricardo said...

Thank a classoc but a well tasty one...comment appreciated 5 Star.. luv Rico

Kim, Ordinary Recipes Made Gourmet said...

First off, I love the name of your blog! Rico sounds "sophisticated"! Secondly, love this dish and the mushroom gravy looks so good. My hubby loves potatoes au gratin especially with cheese melted on them! Thanks for sharing this lovely dish!

Ricardo said...

That is amongst the nicest comments I have received ...thanks for your kindness..and appreciation..that is what keeps me going..thanks... :) my pleasure sharing this dish...the intention is to give others the same pleasure I got from eating it.

Dee said...

We love Steak Diane at our home. We tend to order it when we make our frequent hotel stays. We have been known to be real critics of this dish. Yours looks delicious! Good job.

Ricardo said...

Hi Dee, that compliment is a valued one as you already know the dish and I got a positive feedback from from you...So thank you for your visit here and for the praise of this dish, which did turn out really great.
With classics like this sometimes simple is best, like seasoning just salt and pepper. Thank you again and please keep coming.

Sarita said...

Obrigado pela visita Ricardo.Vim conhecer a sua cozinha e confesso que vou maravilhada!Está de parabéns!


Ricardo said...

Brigada pela visita e pelo dito...mas se olhar bem tenho um blogue em paralelo a este com as mesmas receitas em português..não todas ainda pois não tive tempo..mas aos poucos la irei. jinhos

Luciana De Camillis Chocolate em Pó said...

oi Ricardo, vim agradecer a visitinha no meu blog!!
Deixei um recadinho lá para você no pão com grãos!!
adorei o seu blog.

Ricardo said...

brigada Luciana, agradeço seu comentário, e já fui ver o seu pão com grãos (foto) ficou muito bem feito.
Por favor note que por cima de muitas receitas, tem um link para um outro blogue com as receitas em Português, se você prefere

mario dolce said...


Ana Powell said...

Olá Ricardo
Obrigado pela visita.
Visitarei ambos Blogs. Felizardo, toda essa delicia para uma pessoa só.
Feliz fim de semana

Ricardo said...

Thank you Mario... your comment is appreciated...I understand even though the on-line translator is not very good...try Babel on-line translator.cheers friend

Ricardo said...

Oias Ana, tens razao sou um felizardo tudo isso so para mim, mas ve nao foi por fazer birra á familia, foi porque a esposa é vegetariana e o Filho é quase vegetariano (nao come bife) e de vez em quando apetece-me um pouco ...aí esta lol...pelo manos essa é a minha desculpa. Brigada pela visita e pelo comentario. jinhos

Luciana De Camillis Chocolate em Pó said...

Ricardo, eu vi os seus dois blogs e adorei!!! Mas mando os recadinhos por este, pois não achei o link do outro!!


Ricardo said...

Brigada pelo "recadinho" adorei...vou ver se consigo resolver o problema do link..luv your blog too!!

Anonymous said...

This looks really good! I'll have to give it a try! Thanks for sharing! said...

We love steak and mushrooms, but I've never tried this sauce! It looks delicious!

Ricardo said...

Justmenacy Thank you so much for your comment...lemme know how it turned out..cheers !!

Ricardo said...

Thx Chefbliss ...lemme know how it turns up..thx both for the visit and comments..cheers !!

Chef E said...

Now you have given me an idea for tonights dinner since I ate my lobster and it was 'fly', you are so funny, you take the biscuit! :)

Thanks for coming to visit me, I like your stuff too! Put a 'follow this blog button here', otherwise I cannot get your feed for some reason...Thanks!

Colleen Brown said...

Hi Ricardo, All of your recipes look fabulous. I do think this one with the au gratin potatoes would be great for dinner tonight though! Cheers for now, great blog! Colleen (Cake Artisan)

Ricardo said...

You very "Wheaty", witty I mean, I didn't mean to take the biscuit lol :)
Jokes aside ...thank you so much for your comments..I love them, I also like the fact that you like my stuff. I will always visit you...but I dont understand about the button thing, I do have a follow blog top left corner bellow the blogger's choice awards and top 100 sites, and you are part of it already.
anyway here is my feed link:

Ricardo said...

Thank you so much Colleen, it is lovely, to see so many enjoying a classic recipe...I love it. :)

jordanmassive said...

making these tonight will comment after eaten! hehe

jordanmassive said...

Think i used a bit too much milk but was still fantastic... added some tuna and mayo on top too mm.

Ricardo said...

Thx Jordan, appreciated your comments, remember 50mls is a small amount :) I like your addition sounds yummy

Pinkfoodie said...

That sauce looks so yummy on top of the steak. I'll definitely have to give this recipe a try.

Ricardo said...

Yup it was a while ago I made this one but I still remember the flavour, please do try and make it you will not regret it, **the reason why I don't make more steak is that I have too much iron in my blood, so I cannot overdo it or it will harden my tissues inside (like my veins hart, liver etc etc)**


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