Friday, 17 April 2009

Courgette Bake (Vegetarian esily changed to Vegan too)

I thought the meal before this one had come top shoulder to shoulder with all the meals I ever made, maybe even above...So I thought I will never be able to surpass wrong was I, and is not even a meat meal...I was really surprised, I DECLARE THIS ONE THE BEST MEAL I EVER HAD.

My wife said the same, so did my kid (who normally a very good meal to him he classes it as aright) they classed this meal as EXCELLENT. Not sure if I should divulge it. :) lol
I can tell you is not a lasagna nor it's a gratin.

Receita em Português

Ok...ok.. I will give out the recipe, as it is very special not to share with my loved followers. Is like a lasagna but has no pasta, I used slithers of courgete instead of pasta, and is like a grattin but it is not a bechamel as it has no cheese appart from the lottle bit you can see sprinkled on top, is a white sauce like the one I made for the previous meal with ginger garlic and saffron, I used milk to make it, but for a vegan use soy milk (which I think will even improve further the flavour, and skip the sprinkling of cheese on top.

Recipe Ingredients: (enough for 5-6)
  • 2 large courgettes (slither them with a potato pealer, very thin slices)
  • 6 large carrots (cut into half and then quartered leght ways)
  • 150grs runner beans (destringed and sliced diagonally)
  • 1kg baby new potatoes (others will do but these are the most tender)
  • 1pkt of asparagus
  • 2 chillis (thinly sliced)
  • 1 large bell pepper (sliced) this has the most nutty can smell it when cutting it.
  • 4 large garlic cloves (minced)
  • 1 piece of ginger the size of 4 large garlic cloves (minced)
  • 2 glasses of milk (soy if you vegan)
  • 1 large spoon arrow root (or more cheaply corn starch) diluted in a little water.
  • 1 celery heart (sliced)
  • some butter
  • some olive oil
  • a little salt and black pepper
  • a pinch of saffron

Well, put a large pan with boiling water on the stove and cook the new potatoes and the carrots, you want them fully cooked but still firm around 25-30 minutes, should do it but it is dependent on potato quality, so keep and eye on them, I use a pin to prickle them throught if it goes through effortessly then their're done. Once cooked drain them and half them, set them aside temporarily.

Prepare all the veg. Once is all prepared, you need to make the white sauce and the stirfry to go within the courgette slithers.

For the white sauce in a milk pan put alittle olive oil and seasoning (salt and pepper), once hot add half of the ginger and half of the garlic and the pinch of saffron, once golden pour the milk in stirring briskly. While stirring put in the arrow root powder dissolved in a little water (and optionally a large spoon of butter), continue to stirr until is thikens up, once done set it aside.

Now place a large wok on the stove add a little olive oil, once hot add a little seasoning + the remaining garlic, ginger also the bell pepper, chilli, runner beans and celery. Continuously stir-fry these it will take around 10 minutes, then add the potatoes, stirfry a further 3 minutes. Then is ready remove from the fire.

Set a pirex tray (or any other tray to go in the oven) drizzle olive oil on the bottom, then slither by slither carefully layer to cover the whole botom of the dish, then throw in the potato mixture, followed by the carrots, then the white sauce reserving a little for the top, place another layer of courgette slithers to fully cover the top (no gaps) than smeer the remaining sauce on top nad sprinkle a little cheddar cheese (if vegan i would sprinkle a little oregano and sweet paprika) and it goes in the oven 200c for around 20 minutes.

The asparagus blanch them for around 3 minutes then cook them in a generous amount of butter (if vegan after blanching them cook them in peanut oil "not fry" so low temp and toss them)

So there you are, a beautifull meal for all of you beautifull people ou there!!!


Alexandra Moura said...

Bom não sou apreciadora de espargos,mas estes estão lindos,beijocas doces..

Christelle said...

Full approval, full success!! :)

Ricardo said...

Eu adoro espargos mas tem de ser bem feitos, estes ficara bem bons. brigada Alexis jinhos :) xx

Chef E said...

Can I say this? That looks F'ing good Rico! Man I looked for asparagus this week, but none to be week maybe...what a great idea...

Donna-FFW said...

You big tease, you! Show us the gorgeous dish then no recipe?? Whats that about??:)

Sophie said...

MMMMM...Ricardo, it surely looks delicious! what an effort! But I will have to wait until the courgettes are in season, my father has them in his garden!
I don't know if I can wait that long!

Ricardo said...

A big thank you to: Chef E, Donna & Sophie for the visit and comments.
Wow Sophie fresh from the garden courgettes, yum. And Donna wasn't my intention to tease lol my wife was telling me not to give all my recipes away, so I was deciding what to do...but I decided I love you all too much to make you miss on this one, as is the best ever meal. So will be coming up shortly. And Chef E I really hope you have the time to make this one, you'd love it. much love Rico xxxx

Ricardo said...

Thank you Christelle, appreciated comments and visit. xxx :)

rich said...

My kids would eat that, definitely. I have to disguise courgettes in some way before they'll even entertain them, and often stick them into a gratin or lasagne without anybody realising.

This is a new twist, though...

Ricardo said...

Cheers Rich, well here everyone likes courgettes, and yes they are sort of hidden, apart from the flavour, but I know what you mean. thank you so much :) xxx

Bergamot said...

You do wonders with courgettes. This one is a sure winner :-)

Coffee and Vanilla said...

That looks really yummy and healthy! :)

Have a great day and don't forget to send your entry for chocolate-making kit giveaway on my site!


Ricardo said...

I am not a vegetarian, but my wife is Bergamot, so I fin that the most flexible vegetables in vegetarian food are courgettes and mushrooms, just for their texture alone.Thanks for visit and comment. :) xxx

Margot, luv'd your visit and comments, definitely have a look into your site comp. cheers!! :) xx

Classmates said...

Hey, Ricardo, you're right...this is quite a dish!! I put you in my reader so I don't miss any others. Good job!

Ricardo said...

Appreciated Classmates, this and the previous post was indeed one of my best meals. But I do have a few you would like maybe. The duck with orange and of course my famous enchiladas..(ssshhh!! supersized) hehe, thx for the visit comment and add. :) xxx

Pinkfoodie said...

Great job. Looks and sounds delicious. I especially love the asparagus on top.

Ricardo said...

Thank you so much ...appreciated Pinkfoodie. loved your comment and visit. :) xxx

A. and M. said...

absolutely superb.. I love asparagus that looks very tasty..

Ricardo said...

It was a delectable meal I must say. Thanks for visit and comment. :) xxx

Kim, Ordinary Recipes Made Gourmet said...

My best friend would flip for this because she's vegetarian! Interesting no pasta, this looks fabulous! I'm sure it's gone too right?! LOL

Ricardo said...

Yup definitely a good one. For vegetarian even for Vegan with some minor adjustments. I had to do something special for my other half. thx for visit and comment. :) xx

The Duo Dishes said...

Love all of those vegetables. Can't get enough of them.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic, Rico - I love the gorgeous asparagus on top. Great dish! (p.s. I saw this before but for some reason had trouble leaving comments).

Desmone007 said...

Thank you Ricardo, it truly is beautiful!!! Mama mia!

Ricardo said...

No idea why you had trouble ..but seems fine now. so thank you for comment and also visit. ;) xx

Ricardo said...

thank you Desmone. great to see ya again. thx 4 comment. :) xx

Nicisme said...

Wow! That is beautiful Rico, lovely colours and delicious too!

Ricardo said...

Thank you Niscime, appreciated both visit and comment. :) xxx

Teanna said...

This sounds amazing! I have some friends who are vegan coming over for dinner this weekend and I think I will make the vegan version of this! Thanks for sharing!

Ricardo said...

Appreciated Teanna, I am happy someone will benefit from this super meal. thanks for comments and visit. There are other vegetarian (vegan with minor adjustments recipes in previous posts) like enchiladas etc. kisses xxx :)

Tangled Noodle said...

You've made some fantastic meals so if you say this is the best ever, I'm convinced! It looks marvelous, hearty and healthy - the kind of recipe I like. There are so many favorite veggies in here that I wouldn't know where to start. Delicious!

Ricardo said...

Thank you so much appreciated "Tangled"...hope you get the chance to make it is so delicious...and then you could tell me what you thought of it...after eating. hehe :) kisses xxx

Nicole said...

Wow...another homerun Rico...thanks for sharing...Glad that your kid liked it..that's certainly a homerun! Nicole

Ricardo said...

Thanks Nicole, really appreciated that comment, when you yourself are a great food maker. cheers!! :) xxx

Ana Powell said...

Olá boas
Esta receita está bem completa e excelentemente bem apresentada.
Adoro esparragos x

Ricardo said...

Oias Ana, brigada agradeço-te o comento, fico honrado. jinhos..xx
Sabes que tenho o blog em Português também aqui, Rico-Receitas

SaraLynn said...

Oh my...this looks absolutely perfect! i wish I could have a piece!!! Thank you for sharing!

Ricardo said...

SaraLynn, I am grateful that you taken the time to leave a comment, I would gladly give you a piece unfortunately is all gone , lol you'd have to make some to try or visit me lol :) xx


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