Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Sexy Strawberry Mousse

Receita em Português

Recipe Ingredients: (enough for 4)
  • 200mls whipping cream
  • 300grs strawberries (finely chopped)
  • 3 soup spoons of sugar
  • 2 drops of lemon
To make is the simplest thing ever. Place the cream in a bowl and whip it when the fresh cream is nearly whipped add 2 soup spoons of the sugar to it and whip the rest until a very firm consistency, now add the strawberries reserving 6 tea spoons full of the chopped strawberries, involve mixing the strawberries with the cream, once done, place a tea spoon of the chopped strawberries into each of the four wine glasses (or other container) then spread the cream mixture evenly through each container and refrigerate.

The remaining two tea spoons of chopped strawberries are placed in a little pan with a couple of spoons of water the remaining soup spoon of sugar and the 2 drops of lemon, bring it to boil until it makes a runny syrup, let it cool completely and place on top of each refrigerated dessert and refrigerate a little further, add an almond thin just sticking out of it before serving.

Nice and easy and not as fattening as it looks, I reckon a little bar of chocolate is more fattening.
Cheers for reading, this one is simple and is delicious.


Chef E said...

You have inspired me through this lovely mousse to make a dessert sometime soon...thank you for your kind comments, you should try that flammkuchen, the creme gave it a unique taste!

Anonymous said...

yum! Do you think it's too decadent to have for breakfast :)

Ricardo said...

Thanks so much 5 Star & Chef E for your comments, you are generous and great cooks... I will try flammsomething to hard to pronounce but definitely easy to eat I saw is great.
And the answer is no is not too decadent for breakfast, English people have bacon,sausages, eggs beans etc ...I feel that is way more decadent than a fresh strawberry mousse and maybe even some pancakes yumyum ...this is my opinion of course, not much but you have it lol :) xxx

Happy cook said...

Indeed looks sexy and delicious.

Moira said...

Lá que é deliciosa não tenho dúvidas e a apresentação em tacinhas individuais fica sempre muito bonita.

Apetites said...

Que delicia esta sobremesa, e tão fácil...Vou experimentar. Parabéns pelo teu espaço!

Ricardo said...

Great many thanks to, Apetites, Moira & Happy Cook.. for your lovely comments and visit.Luv ya all kisses xxx :)

Anonymous said...

Nice to hear that sexy is a word you'd use to describe this treat. Yum yum to the strawberries!

Sophie said...

MMMMM...Ricardo, indeed a sexy dessert & so delicous & easy!!
I think your wife will praise you!

I have for you also a lovely dessert, posted today on my foodblog! I think it pairs with your lovely dessert!

Sophie said...

MMMMMM...just a simple yet so delicious dessert!! Yummie!

Ricardo said...

Thank you so much duo dishes & Sophie for the lovely comments and visit. I'll definitely check out your dessert Sophie, I am sure is as good as always. And yes ...yes ..yes the wife liked it.. :) xxx

Juliana said...

Wow, love the simple and tasty...I'll definitely try it! Great idea for strawberries that are in season.

Ricardo said...

Thank you so Juliana, appreciated you having taken the time to comment, and visit...someone pointed that this is a "fool" , well not quite the "fool" which is made with purée or mashed up berries, in this one they are finely chopped thus adding to texture and palate experience. thank you so much Juliana..loved it :) xx

Caitlin said...

This is so simple yet so elegant! I am definitely using this for a dinner party once Boston gets warmer!

Ricardo said...

Yeah Caitlin great idea chill it well, also looks good if you slice a few strawberries and freeze the slices, and just before serving put one on top with a little powdered sugar dusting and a small mint leaf.. hehe.. details lol but will look greeeaat.. thank you kisses :) xx

Nicisme said...

Can't pass by a 'sexy' strawberry mousse, I could do with one right about now, lol!!

Ricardo said...

Thank you Nicisme for not passing this one by, as is a wonderful dessert...thanks for visit and comment. :) xx


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