Sunday, 5 April 2009

Light Orange Loaf Cake

Recipe Ingredients:
  • 300grs self raising flour
  • 200grs sugar
  • 100grs butter
  • 2 eggs
  • 3 small oranges (set aside the zest of 2, and the juice of the same 2, the 3rd one thinly slice it)

In a large bowl, put the sugar and the (soft) butter, beat it until is a whitish cream, then add the juice of one orange, and continue to beat for a further 2 minutes, then add the two eggs and beat it further 2 minutes more, the remaining orange juice and the zest of the 2 oranges and beat a further 2 minutes.

Finally add bit by bit the self raising flour, while still beating the dough, until it is all incorporated, at this stage stop and you can now place half on the dough in a loaf tin (previously greased and floured) on the top of the half of dough place half of the sliced orange, put the remaining dough on top and cover it with the remaining orange slices (see picture) and on top of each orange slice cover that with a little sugar, that will caramelize once cooked giving it an extra delicious taste.

Now it will take 25-30 minutes in medium oven 180c. and is ready to eat, so lovely with some green tea, as is very fluffy and light, if you prefer heavier add 2 more eggs at the egg stage.

I was inspired by Mary blog moist orange and lemon cake.


Ginger said...


What does that taste like, because it looks YUMMY!! Send a slice my way, please (kidding!!)

Ricardo said...

Well it tastes like ORANGE I think what you want to know is this..the cake is very light indeed and the orange taste is subtle, as is light goes well with light things like herbal tea. really worth doing very easy to make. thx 4 visit and comment. cheers!! xx

Chef E said...

Gosh Rico that looks damn good! I love citrus sweets too...and orange is my favorite flavor too...

Sophie said...

MMMMM...Ricardo!! This cake looks fabulous!!! Light & easy!! Yum Yum, give me some!

Ricardo said...

Thank you Chef E, appreciated. :)

Thanks Sophie, I still have one or two slices, just come over. :)

Alexandra Moura said...

Great cake,looks yummy ,beijocas .

Ricardo said...

Thank you so much Alexis

Ana Powell said...

Tens sempre umas receitinhas maravilhosas.
Que corzinha mais "rico" x

Ricardo said...

mto brigada Ana, gostei muito da tua vinda aqui e comento jinhos xx

Anonymous said...

I love how beautiful the orange slices look on top. Gorgeous loaf Rico!

Ricardo said...

thank you Gigi, and if you look and see that orange line in the middle is also orange slices in the centre. yum it was nice. Thanks for visit and comment. xxx

Nicisme said...

Those orange slices on the top are wonderful!

Ricardo said...

Thank you so much Nscime appreciated :) xxx

Luisa Loida Torres Quintanilla said...

hola que exquisito lo que hace
te felicito grande y poderosamente.
te invito a visitar

Chef E said...

If you liked my legion of peeps on the Farro post then go vote for me here!


Ricardo said...

Gracias Luisa, claro que visitarei o teu blogue. Gracias pela visita e comento. beijos xx

Hi Chef E I will dear, I really liked it. cheers !! xx

superbusygirl said...

So this is the cake you've been stuffing your mouth with! Hmmm..... can't say I'd blame you!!!! Now pass me a slice please?

Ricardo said...

Unfortunately every word you said here is true, shame on me ... thx 4 visit and comment. :) xxx

Luisa Loida Torres Quintanilla said...

hola Ricardo, Bendiciones, Gracias por visitar mi página y por tu bello comentario, que el Señor te siga usando y prospera grande y poderosamente la obra de tus manos..
gracias y hasta luego.

Ricardo said...

Hola Luisa, igualmente "bendiciones" agradeço-te imenso a tua vinda aqui e gracias pelos teus comentos .. :) xx


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