Monday, 13 April 2009

"Portuguese-Olhao Style" Folar (Folar = Easter Cake)

Recipe Ingredients: (enough for 20 people, or one of me lol)
  • 1Kg plain flour
  • 1 pkt instant east
  • 2 oranges (juice)
  • 1.5 decilitres of water
  • Sal
  • 125gr de soft margarine
  • 125gr soft butter
  • 125gr soft butter to spread
  • 1 shot of vodka
  • Brown sugar & Cinnamon "to sprinkle filling" (enough)
Put the flour in a large bowl and mix in straight away the east, after that open a little well in the centre and place in there the soft margarine and soft butter and also the orange juice, shot of vodka, water (warm preferred) and a pinch of salt.

With your hands mix all very well, I then covered it with a cloth and let the dough rest around 30 minutes, it will rise a little. Then cut it into 10 fist size balls, and with a rolling pin make one by one discs, but each disc you make spread some butter on one side and put generous amounts of brown sugar and cinnamon, make another disc butter it and again put on it generous amount of sugar and cinnamon over it and place it on top of the other disc, repeat the process for all 10 disc making two piles of five discs, as it makes two cakes.

Place each pile in a container, sprinkle again generously more sugar and cinnamon on top and set in aside in a warm place with a thick cloth over it for about an hour to raise, after that it goes baking in the oven 190-200c for around 35-40 minutes until is done. The idea is the sugar in the layer will melt with the cinnamon making like a gooey honey consistency sugar and cinnamon syrup in between each layer of cake, the cake will be a bit like bread but sweetened by some of the sugar being absorbed in. This is really delicious, but remember be generous with the sugar as if you put little it will all get absorbed into the cake and no nice gooey syrup in between the layers, will still be good though.

Also remember to take it out of the baking container while hot as if you let it cool the caramelized goo will solidify making it hard to remove from these.

Updated photo


Donna-FFW said...

Oh this looks heavenly. I would so love a slice of this gorgeous cake!!Sounds delicious and I bet it smelled awesome when baking..

Ricardo said...

The whole house smelled of oranges and fresh bread mixed was lovely. Thank you so much Donna, visit and comment. :)

Chef E said...

A man that makes cake...thinking of what I can do to get hubby in the kitchen...I can think of one way, but too X rated to share...looks good Rico!

Sophie said...

MMMMM...Ricardo: I like the addition of the vodka!!
I am sure that that improves the flavour!

Ricardo said...

Chef E, to get the hubby in the kitchen, say you have a headache for a few days and cannot face cooking that will have to be him doing it lol surely he will take the challenge...or if he likes football a lot l"look you don't make dinner today I will not let you watch the football.. lmao.. Anyway loved you comment and you really made me laugh. cheers !!! xx

Sophie, Yup traditionally takes fire-water (Portuguese) but to my taste it doesn't taste too good, vodka yes, especially when orange is involved, so yes was very nice. I have a cut one update to see how it was inside. thanks for comment and visit. xx

Ginger said...

Hey Rico would mind sending a slice my way? (kidding) I have one word for you YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ricardo said...

hahaha!! don't need to say you kidding, as if you were serious you'd given me the address where to send it to. lol...I am just happy that the recipe and photo pleased you. thx for visit and comment. :) xxx

Anonymous said...

This cake sounds great! Love the addition of vodka!

Ricardo said...

thank you 5Star, appreciated.. just had the last slice of the two loafs today. hehe :) xx

Christelle said...

What a massive cake! :) it reminds me of the French brioches in texture, interesting about the vodka ingredient, I might well give it a go! :)

Tangled Noodle said...

The vodka is the star ingredient! This Easter cake is incredible - I would love a slice, even if Easter is now over!

Ana Powell said...

Parabéns pela receita
Adoro folares, gostei muito x

Ricardo said...

Christelle, yeah this one turned out a little like the brioches, wasn't meant too, but I made a couple of crucial mistakes, the layers of cinnamon and sugar should have been very generous, and I put little also I used too much water more than what the recipe says, so the result was way more light and fluffy than expected as well as not having the gooey stuff of sugar and cinnamon in layers it was all absorbed into the well is all gone so it was still good. :)

Hi Tangled yeah Vodka gave it that extra punchy flavour and married the orange very well too (lol vodka and orange my inspiration)lol

Obrigada Ana. jinhos xxx

Mommy Gourmet said...

I mean really, how can you resist anything that has "carmelized goo" YUMMM!

Ricardo said...

Thank you M Gourmet, appreciated, your visit and comment, and welcome back, it has been a while. :) xxx

Nicole said...

Looks great...Nothing better than homemade bread..and the vodka...great idea..
I actually might be tempted to sip some ice cold while making the loaves, but then, that's just me!

Ricardo said...

Appreciated Nicole, really nice to see you always here kisses xxx :)


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