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Pecan, Honey and Greek Yoghurt Tart

This Tart was adapted from "Tarte Delicia de Iogurte" from Luisa Alexandra blog recipe which she also adapted from other blog, and so on. But believed to have the original recipe from a blog called Gulosices but is in Portuguese.

Receita em Português AQUI

Recipe Ingredients:
  • 250grs Sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 500grs Greek Yoghurt (you can use normal plain yoghurt, for a softer texture)
  • 50grs Margarine
  • 1 tea spoon of vanilla essence
  • 100grs of flour
  • 50grs pecan nuts (ground)
  • 12 pecan halves
  • 2 soup spoons of honey (and a little extra honey for glaze)

This tart was originally made with 350 grs of sugar no nuts or honey and plain yoghurt, also was made in individual small tart containers rather than a large one, result was a more moist and light tart. I went for a more dense and zingy tart to contrast with the fresh cream and the honey glazed pecans.

The preparation is simple. Beat the sugar and the eggs until the sugar granules disappear (around 2 minutes with a machine or 4 by hand), then add the melted margarine, vanilla essence and flour (little by little to not form lumps), mix these until homogeneous (around 30 seconds machine or 1 min by hand).

Finally add the yoghurt the ground pecans and the 2 soup spoons of honey (plain), just mix these well. then put the dough in a large baking tart dish (previously greased with margarine and floured) and bake for about 35 minutes at 180c, until golden brown on top, before I put it in I placed on a frying pan a soup spoon of sugar about 2 soup spoons of water and a soup spoon of honey, turned the gas on and let it start bubbling, at that stage I added the pecan halves, and let these cook until it started to caramelize (but not caramel just syrupy) placed 8 pecans on top of the tart drizzled some of the syrup on top in a circle around the pecans. The rest I used to put on the whipped cream also making a little more surup the same ways with a few chopped pecans, see picture.

The texture is that of a baked cheesecake crossed with a cake, is quite unusual and zingy from the greek yoghurt, however is delicious, and the pecan and honey come through as real stars. This cake/flan is in the class of "Queijada" which is a portuguese tipe of cake that is neither a cake or a flan but something in between. :D


Thinspired said...

Hi there! Thank you for your comment on my blog!
Wow--this Green yogurt tart looks amazing. Definitely one to bookmark! Thanks!

Ricardo said...

Yeah? thanx really... I bookmarked the original too, took me a while to get to make it but I was thinking how to make it less plain and contrast flavours and this is what I came up with. Remember is a lovely dense texture. cheers :D I aim to please.

Anonymous said...

This looks lovely, Ricardo! Very nice recipe!

Alexandra Moura said...

Que delicia,beijoca doce Alexis..

Ricardo said...

Thank you 5 star, your comment means a lot to me. :D xxx

Ricardo said...

Brigada Alexis a tua opinião é bem apreciada aqui. :D xxx

AnuSriram said...

Yummy Recipe! Nice presentation! Looks inviting :)

Ricardo said...

thx Anu Sriram, I appreciated your feedback, hope you get a chance of making it is delicious, and has a special Greek yoghurt zest. :D

Ana Powell said...

Really nice
You always find and cook wonderful puddings.
I am taking this beauty with me x

Ricardo said...

Ana Powell Você é muito simpática, gostei imenso do teu comento e visita ...brigada xxxx :D

Nila Rosa said...

This looks sooo good.I can just imagine the texture of biting into it.mmm perfect. You may have just pushed me into making buttermilk pie.

Ricardo said...

Sorry was not my intention to push people around lol :D
But you do what you gotta do. hehe!! xxxx

Muneeba said...

Very unusual .. but it's gotta be good. Yogurt, honey, nuts - sounds like a winning combination to me!

Ricardo said...

Very nice of you Muneeba of dropping by and leaving a beautiful comment like that, I am honoured cheers !!! :D xx

debora koso said...

Muito obrigado pela sua visita,vi que gosta das comidinhas do mundo inteiro,parabens pois gosto de pessoas assim amam o mundo e como ele e seja benvindo em meu blogger,me desculpe meu ingles e pessimo,beijos!!!!!

Ricardo said...

Débora não precisa de pedir desculpa pelo Inglês, e eu adorei a sua visita aqui e comentário...brigada.
Mais uma coisa caso não tenha notado também tenho o blogue em português URL em baixo:


Donna-FFW said...

Yogurt, honey, and pecans, how seductive! It sounds delicious, and a lesson in portugese at the same time, I love it!

Ricardo said...

Thx Donna appreciated, both your visit and comment, luv'd it. :D

Navita said...

love the peeking pecans Ricardo.
Hi, first time here n m so gonna try this :)

Ricardo said...

Nesse caso Navita SEJA BEM VINDA , e que volte sempre ... adorei a sua visita e comentário. Jinhos xxx

Asha said...

YUMMY! Looks delcious. I love the tartness of yogurt in pies. I have one similar too, you might like it. Thanks for all your wonderful comments Ricardo! :)

Ricardo said...

Oias Asha Brigada pela sua visita e comentário, adorei ver o seu site, bem apresentado..vou espreitar a semelhante.. jinhos xxx

jolenesiah said...

worth tryin...
i love soft texture cake :D

Ricardo said...

jolenesiah, all my family loved it, so definitely worth a try. lemme know if you do. cheers thx for comment and visit. :D

Chef E said...

You are the bomb Rico! Posting dishes like this that make us drool!

Ricardo said...

Thanks Chef E You know you the best so when I get a great comment like this from you I am the one that is very happy. hehe!! kisses :) xxx

Debora koso said...

Meu amigo Rico qto tempo!!!!!voltei ao Brasil p/passear agora estou de volta ao japao,nao fiz mais nada no blogger tenho que tomar coragem e postar,saudades!!!!!!!esta cantando muito bem!!!!!!rsrsrsrrs,poispois!!!!!!!bjos

Ricardo said...

Debora a tua simpatia é infinita, espero que tudo esteja bem contigo e fico contente por saber andaste a passear ...sim espero voltar a te ver postar...tenho saudades tuas também jinhos doces xxx


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