Monday, 16 March 2009

Yasai Katsu Curry (Wagamama style dish, my way)

Receita em Português AQUI

(This is my dish, photo taken with camera)
Everyone has been waiting for this one a proper Wagamama (Yasai Katsu Curry, 72 on the menu) dish made my way the secret is out hehe!! All made from my head and senses as had no recipe, just what is tasted like to go by and textures in my mouth.

(This is Wagamamas dish, photo taken with phone)

Recipe ingredients: (I'll be a bit vague, as it depends on people)
  • 2 slices of butternut squash (per person)
  • 2 slices of sweet potato (per person)
  • 2 slices of aubergine (per person)
  • 2 eggs mixed in a bowl
  • 1/2 packet of water crackers in a bowl (crumbed to resemble rough bread crumbs)
  • 3 soup spoons of plain flour (in a bowl)
  • 3 soup spoons full of olive oil
  • 2 soup spoons of garam masala
  • 1 spoon of turmeric
  • 1 soup spoon of medium curry powder
  • 1 soup spoon of ground coriander seeds
  • 1 garlic finely chopped
  • 1 piece of ginger the size of a garlic clove finely chopped
  • 1/2 onion finely chopped
  • 300grs of risotto rice (to make the sticky rice)
  • salt and pepper to taste.
All the above ingredients are depending on the number of people but based initially on 4.

the risotto rice to be sticky rice I done it as follows, cooked it in very little water just to cover the rice, and as it cooked and drank the water I added more (hot) water to it, once virtually cooked, put it in a sieve drain passed a little boiling water through, and drained it again but not entirely, put it back in the pan with a lid on and let it rests a good 4-5 minutes.

The curry sauce you can make this in advance and heat it near the time to put over rice and fried stuff (I decided not to cover fried stuff as wanted to show it in the photo).
Put a little pan on the stove with a little olive oil about 3 spoons full, once hot add the very finely chopped, garlic, onion, and ginger, let these cook until golden, at this stage add all the powders, garam masala, turmeric, med curry powder, ground coriander seeds and a little seasoning salt and pepper. Let these cook until it forms a paste add about 2 glasses of water, and once boiling, mix in a glass two spoons of plain flour and some warm water, mix well so it has no lumps, must be gravy consistency, then pour half into the boiling curry and stir briskly, once that is farly thick blitz it with the blender to smoth out the pieces of garlic, onion and ginger add a little more flour and water to it and mix again briskly until it gets like a very thick gravy. And is ready to go over the rice.

"The veg" the aubergine is fried from raw, however the butternut and the sweet potato are part-cooked in water for only 3 minutes, to make these is very simple you need a pan with vegetable oil very hot (or a dip fryer) and each slice of veg goes in the flour first, then the egg and finally in the cracker crumbs (normally Panko crumbs are used, but I feel crackers are just as good and cheaper) then in the fryer until golden brown (don't forget to turn them) . Once done they should drain a little in some kitchen paper, then served with the rice and curry sauce also with a little mixed leaves salad (also supposed to have a little pickled ginger, I didn't get enough time to make that :D ) see pictures.

So that is how you make it at home if you time it right all will come out hot, if not stick it in the oven for a blast before serving hehe (minus the salad) Have fun, I know I did.

(This is Wagamamas dish, photo taken with phone)

(Again my Dish, photo taken with camera)


momgateway said...

That looks really good. I have not had curry in a while. I like the breading with panko part. Thanks too Ricardo for visiting my website and for your kind comment on my Strawberry-Banana smoothie post.

Ricardo said...

you very welcome momgateway, credit where credit is deserved :D...thanx for visit and comment here luv'd it :D

Passionate About Baking said...

Hey Rico, what a great curry. Never heard of one like this, but will read up about it on the good old net.Food never ceaszes to amaze...this looks YUM!

Ricardo said...

Thank you passionate, both for visit and comment...this curry is one that I ate at Wagamama's restaurant, and I then wanted to recreate it here at home, and I did worked out perfect..the darker pics are from Wagamama on my phone camera, the lighter at home made by me with my photo camera..cheers !!

Anonymous said...

Even if the recreations are not exactly what the original was, it's still so much fun, isn't it and sometimes a new dish is even created through this process. Your curry sounds delicious!

Nila Rosa said...

wow! This looks really good.I think I'd take your plate over the other one.

Congrats to you on recreating a dish without a recipe. :)

Alexandra Moura said...

O prato esta bonito,tem bom aspecto e deve estar uma delicia com sempre,beijocas doces Alexis.

Ricardo said...

Exactly 5 Star, my thoughts exactly...on this one actually I thought mine overall was better, looks better and tasted similar. Thx so much for the visit and comment. :) xx

Ricardo said...

Thx Nila Rosa, appreciated.. I just had to think what it tasted like and what was the food texture like, and then draw from past cooking experiences how to achieve this...I was really happy about how it turned out ..thx 4 visit and comment. :D xx

Ricardo said...

Sim Alexis, ficou bem bom e bem delicioso, pena a casa ter ficado a cheirar a fritos, hehe, mas eu tinha de experimentar. brigada pla visita e comento. :) xx

Chef E said...

If I could speak some perfecto es spaniol to you senior, I would say muy beuno com padre!

As they say in Italiano, Bella, bella!

later today I have mentioned you on my 'Green' post...

Ricardo said... made a mistake I am Portuguese, I do understand Spanish and a little Italian, but overall you correct as I am "latin" sorta speaking. But I think you are a fun person to be with even though I never had that honour. Thank you so much for the visit and comment that made me smile + you mentioning me ..very grateful indeed. xx :D

Sara said...

This looks really delicious, I just love butternut squash!

Ricardo said...

Thx Sara luv'd it ..both your visit and comment :D xx

CookingCourtney said...

i love curry! that looks awesome

Ricardo said...

Thank you Cooking Courtney, appreciated you having taken the time to visit and comment. cheers!! xxx

Selba said...

HI! It's my first time visiting your blog :)

Your food looks wonderful delicious.

Ricardo said...

Thank you Selba. Firstly you most welcome here "always", and secondly thx for the visit and the time to make a comment..appreciated :D

Gigi said...

ooooo, I haven't had in a long long time! This looks amazing!

Ricardo said...

Thanks Gigi, now you can make it yourself hehe....anytime...thankx for the visit and comment :D xxx

Sunfly12 said...

Hi! Rico. Thank you for the recipe, it is my favourite. I miss it cause I am not in the UK anymore. Will make it and send you a report. Hope it tastes as good as the one at Wagamama. Thanx again.

Rico said...

I am honoured that you like this recipe...I'll be looking forward to your report of how your dish turned up.....I really hope it turns out as good as mine did as was very tasty comparing to the original from WagaMamas.. cheers

Carmen Dalglish said...

how big are the spoons!?

Rico said...

Well spotted, is soup spoons. I have corrected it now..thanks for pointing it out. happy cooking <3

lencilicious said...

hobby is requesting me to make this wagamama style dish. I'm not so sure how to do it, until I come across your recipe. I'll try this one out and hopefully I can make it.

Rico said...

It worked really well for me so I am sure it will work well for you too... it took me a long time to invent recipe that accomplished similar taste results to Wagamama's, however I am sure better as is not pre-made sauces etc (this as Wagamamas do not give the recipe, of course) let us know how it turns out....cheers for visit and comment. :)

Eva said...

Thanks for sharing this recipe! Before I'll start on this one and to avoid messing up I just want to check the following: is the soup spoon a spoon to eat soup or to serve soup (in Holland these are different kind of spoons...). Do I need a soup spoon for the turmeric as well?

Thank you!

Rico said...

Hi Eva, yes by soup spoon I mean the one you eat soup with, as here in the UK the one you serve soup with is called ladle .... thanks for asking hope the recipe turns ok as it did for many followers. xxx regards
And yes turmeric is also soup spoon... :)


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